Trend Alert: Millennials are Buying Unique and Customizable Engagement Rings

Trend Alert: Millennials are Buying Unique and Customizable Engagement Rings

I noticed an article recently published by Bloomberg that discusses a trend we've noticed happening amongst people in their 20's and 30's the past few years. Like other industries, buying habits in the jewelry industry has changed drastically from just a short time ago. 

Customers today want timeless pieces that aren't so expensive they require a down payment, and they want to be able to collect items that can be customized into a truly personal look.

We've all been hearing for a while that millennials value experiences over material possessions. Nobody wants their engagement ring to cost an arm and a leg. We are so proud to be part of the movement that discourages people from needlessly overpaying for an engagement ring. We've long said that engagement rings shouldn't be about the finding biggest carat diamond, or about spending 3-6 months income to align with some arbitrary "rule".

A recent customer told me after picking up his Compass engagement ring, that prior to finding out about us, he originally planned to pay $10,000 for an engagement ring because that's what he thought he was "supposed" to spend. He was shocked when I quoted him a price well under that $10,000 price point. He was able to customize the ring to his liking--he even chose a bigger stone than he was anticipating and still walked away under budget and with the ring of his girlfriend's (now fiance's) dreams.

What's more? Experts have taken notice that people are moving away from the typical shopping mall, brick and mortar diamond stores filled with pushy salesmen that do whatever they can to sell you an overpriced ring (to cover their overhead) that was probably mass produced on factory assembly line.

[Customers are] browsing jewelry online and designing unique pieces...[They are] increasingly considering lab-made diamonds and other stones.

There are so many great online jewelry brands nowadays that put their heart and soul into each piece of jewelry they make. We certainly make it our mission to design and create jewelry that feels unique and personalized so that the finished product is meaningful for you.

The engagement ring is being redefined, which is why we always bring up lower cost diamond alternatives like moissanite, to show that there are stylish, stunning, and affordable. We also do custom work and can re-purpose old family heirloom jewelry that might be collecting dust in the bottom of your dresser drawer, and transform it into something new and fashionable. If you want to know more about what's possible, and how to get the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank, please email us.