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Right Hand Rings

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Right-Hand Diamond Rings

Wearing diamond rings are not just for symbolizing relationship milestones such as engagements and weddings, diamond rings are often worn on the right hand to represent different meanings, or quite simple because they look great on the right hand too! At Giacomelli, we love creating pieces with meaning and thus, we created a collection specially dedicated to right hand rings. Here are some examples of the meanings behind wearing rings on each finger.

Right hand rings context according to each finger

  • Pinky Finger
  • The pinky finger is often associated with elegance and sophistication. Wearing a ring on the pinky can be a subtle yet stylish way to enhance one's overall appearance. 

  • Ring Finger 
  • As the name suggests, wearing a diamond...... Read More


    People wear right hand rings on a variety of occasions beyond traditional milestones. These rings, particularly diamond ones, are often chosen to celebrate personal achievements, career milestones, birthdays, or simply as a form of self-expression. They signify empowerment, individuality, and success.

    The suitable right hand diamond ring depends on personal style and preferences. For a bold statement, explore geometric Art Deco designs. Vintage and antique styles offer timeless elegance. Minimalistic modern rings suit those favoring simplicity. Colored diamond rings add a personalized touch. Choose based on your taste and the occasion.

    Colored diamonds in right hand rings provide a personalized touch, expressing individual style. Rarer than colorless diamonds, they range from fancy pinks to blues, making each ring a unique statement. Colored diamonds symbolize creativity and add vibrancy, allowing wearers to showcase their distinct personalities.

    Minimalistic modern right hand diamond rings can be customized through various aspects. Consider choosing different diamond shapes, opting for unique settings, or combining metals for a personalized touch. The minimalist design allows for subtle customization, letting individuals express their tastes and preferences in a sophisticated manner.

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