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Custom gold necklace for women | Yellow Gold I Rose Gold | White Gold

Be different, be special, be you!

Seeking a piece of jewelry that holds the same charm as your personality? Giacomelli offers the option to customize necklaces to fit your personal taste and desire! We will work for directly hand in hand to design the perfect piece of  jewelry, whatever precious gemstones you like or gold color, we can do it all. Our goal is to make your necklace a masterpiece perfectly suited for you or your loved one. 

Every woman deserves an ornament crafted exclusively for her. Thus, we present an opportunity to get these gold necklaces for women personalized as needed. Discuss your imaginative designs with us and we will turn your visionary design into...... Read More


Custom necklaces can be modified according to one’s preference, whereas, you have to buy the pre-made ones in the same design and style as they are made in. Here’s why you should invest in a custom gold necklace:

  • Customized necklaces give opportunities to get an exclusive design that is crafted according to your desire.
  • These designs are not commonly available in the market, offering you an exclusive style statement that no other has.
  • You get the opportunity to modify the color and style that matches your personality.

Yes, almost all of our necklaces are customizable. Decide which one would you like to personalize and send us your special requirements. We will try our best to create the design of your dreams!

At Giacomelli, we provide each of our necklaces manufactured using 14-karat gold. This is also one of the most commonly used gold types in jewelry. The color of our necklace can also be customized in three different colors, whichever is preferred by the customers.

Certainly! Giacomelli lets you decide which color of gold would you like for your necklace. Before adding the product to the cart, just choose your preferred color from the options: Yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold necklace for women. That’s all you will receive your necklace in the same gold color as you have selected.

  • Keep the white gold necklaces for women stored in a dry place.
  • Get it cleaned or polished professionally after a while or whenever needed. On a regular basis, you can use a soft cloth for dust removal.
  • Keep them away from exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Since white gold jewelry is usually finished with a rhodium plating, it can fade slightly over time, we can replate your white gold jewelry whenever you need to add that shine and sparkle back.

Definitely, minimalist jewelry including elegant earrings, rings, or bracelets, will enhance your look further. To find matching jewelry with your necklace, you can explore our other jewelry collection.

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