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October 03, 2017 3 min read


One of the most deciding factors that can make a piece of jewelry stand out from the crowd is the gemstone used. A particular design or style can be changed entirely with moving from a sapphire to a ruby, a ruby to a diamond, a diamond to a jade, and so on. While many people choose gemstones based on the look or the affordability, another important factor should not be dismissed when it comes to choosing the major gemstone that you want to work with – the meaning.

While not everyone buys into the meaning behind gemstones, it can help to understand what the overall context behind each gem can be. Then, when making the choice about what gem you think suits your mind-set and personality best, you can feel a little more comfortable about making your choice. Rather than just looking at the color, the following can come up as important and defining factors in choosing a gemstone.



An Amethyst is a very powerful gem, known for being a source of calm, clarity and wisdom. If someone is to wear an amethyst gem, then those who believe in the power of gemstones believe it can bring forth a sense of intuition, positive feeling, and greater value. Seen by many as a powerful combatant in the battle against addiction, too, helping to strengthen our will against combating our vices.

amethyst polished large

A polished amethyst gemstone.


Intense and beautiful, the Aquamarine is associated with a sense of immense courage and being able to let go of fears. Known as a calming and soothing feeling, it’s a gemstone that many associate with relaxation. Therefore, it makes an excellent gemstone when used in jewelry meant for someone who needs to chill out!

aquamarine large

Aquamarine stones.

Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz is a unique gem in that it stands out from the usual collection of gems that people look to use. Known as being an item of encouragement and overcoming adversity, they are seen as natural gemstones for those in creative mind-sets such as artistry and writing.

blue topaz round large

A round blue topaz.


The diamond is the most common and revered of typical gemstones, and stands out as a source of balance and patience in life. Helps to restore an impatient mind, and is also believed to help attract success, wealth, and abundance in future. Anyone who owns a diamond, they say, is in line to own more.

diamond gem cubic zirconia jewel

A round cut diamond


A stunning gem and one of the most popular of its kind, the emerald is a traditional stone and is linked with fertility. A fantastic choice for those who wish to promote learning and growth with the world.

emerald large

Not only is this an emerald, but the name of this shape is also called, "Emerald". Other stones, such as diamonds can be cut in this emerald shape.


Rubies are sources of protection from evil, misfortune and pain in life. Known to help promote the power of love – the perfect gemstone for a new couple!

ruby gemstone

A ruby gemstone.


Related to peace, happiness and insight, sapphires are the perfect choice for those who wish to feel a sense of inspiration or freedom from negative thinking.

blue sapphire stone
Sapphires can come in many different colors. Blue is the most common and most valuable.


While there are many more gems, the above are some of the most popular found in jewelry. And while there are many other factors to consider when choosing a stone for a piece of jewelry: shape, price, value, hardness, radiance, size, luminance, etc... it's fun to know that every stone has a story. Which gemstone best fits your vibe?

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