Different Is Better

The ordinary is everywhere, but if you're like me, you want your jewelry to be creative and original--to express your individuality. You want something that's always in style for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

After nearly a decade in the fashion business, I got tired of seeing the same basic designs over and over. I've decided to create bold, meaningful jewelry that feels one-of-a-kind.

You've come to the right place if you're...

  • Excited to wear jewelry that stands out from the crowd.
  • Tired of cookie-cutter designs.
  • Searching for high-end style, elegance, and quality.
  • Needing to find a gift as unique as your relationship.
My grandfather at his work bench.

From Apparel To Jewelry

I got my start in fashion by designing apparel and clothing for some of the top lifestyle brands. Now, I've refocused my attention to what I love most: crafting unique fine jewelry and engagement rings.

Jewelry is in my blood. My grandfather has been a jeweler for almost 70 years. Growing up, I loved watching him as he crafted rings, watches, and necklaces of all kinds. He taught me how to have sharp attention to detail, and that quality matters most. I believe the best jewelry isn't just a product you wear, but is an experience that continually enhances your life. It holds its value and becomes an heirloom cherished from generation to generation.

You're In Good Hands

When you buy our jewelry you can be confident in the value of what you're getting. Every item has been carefully handcrafted to be unforgettable. We take enormous pride in providing unbeatable customer service and making your experience as positive as possible.

Whether you buy an engagement ring or a pair of earrings, my goal is the same: To make you something that you never want to take off.

Now that you know our story,
we invite you to explore our jewelry.